DrupalMag Theme Roadmap Information

DrupalMag v7-1.0 Release: 07-15-2014

  1. Release candidate v7-1.0 completed

DrupalMag v7-1.01 Release: 07-22-2014 

  1. Compatibility with mobile devices is improved

DrupalMag Multilingual v7-1.02 Release: 12.19.14 -- **AVAILABLE NOW

  1. DrupalMag MultiLingual profile added to the theme installation script - See more at:
  2.  Internationalization bundle of important contributed modules - See more at:
  3.  A proper multilingual menu system
  4.  Multilingual blocks
  5. Multilingual taxonomy
  6.  DrupalMag ML includes MultiLanguage Theme Configuring Guide. - See more at:
  7.  You can allow your users to switch languages and you can translate content into multiple languages. The German and Arabic languages are installed as samples to demonstrate multilanguage theme capabilities. 


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