ProClassifieds Roadmap Information

We are continually adding new features, improvements, as well as bug fixes to the ProClassifieds Drupal Classified Ads Theme. The ProClassifieds theme is one of the easiest and feature-rich Drupal Classified themes on the market today.


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Below you'll find the change log releases for the ProClassifieds Drupal theme. We'll be adding to this roadmap when we create new releases, updates, or bug fixes.


ProClassifieds v1.0 - Release: 01-11-2013

  1. First release of ProClassifieds - No issues reported, fixed, or added

ProClassifieds v1.0.1 - Release: 01-15-2013

  1. The correction of incorrect display of ads on the ads page of a user

ProClassifieds v1.0.2 - Release: 01-25-2013

  1. The display of long name of a user on a teaser classified ad is corrected
  2. The appearance of "add a classified ad" page is corrected
  3. The default font is replaced with Maven Pro
  4. Drupal core is updated to the latest version

ProClassifieds v1.0.3 - Release: 02-01-2013

  1. The bug related to saving ProClassifieds theme settings is fixed

ProClassifieds v1.0.4 - Release: 02-14-2013

  1. RTL support is added
  2. Filter "My Location" on category and search pages is added. The filter limits ads search to a user location. The filter is enabled by default and can be disabled in the theme settings
  3. Automatic adding of terms into taxonomy vocabulary "location" is added. It is defined by IP of a user who has permissions to add ads. This functionality is enabled by default and can be disabled in the theme settings
  4. Default image when uploaded images are missing is added
  5. The incorrect display of ads number in the left categories menu is fixed

ProClassifieds v1.0.5 - Release: 03-06-2013

  1. The support of the mobile app for IOS is added

ProClassifieds v1.0.6 - Release: 04-01-2013

  1. The ability to assign fields for ads depending on categories (this function works only for "Classified Ad" content type). See: (Section 3) for more information

ProClassifieds v1.0.7 - Release: 04-30-2013

  1. The bug related to the loading of pages in categories

ProClassifieds v1.0.8 - Release: 08-26-2013

  1. Featured Ads. To allow certain ads to pin/stick to the top of page for the fee
  2. Highlighted Ads blocks for fee
  3. Fixed ads search results duplication bug.


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