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PinBoardApp Instructions

The PinBoardApp can be found within your theme download package. It should look like this once you extract the main PinBoard .tgz file. It will look something like this: PinBoardApp-v2.x.x

About the PinBoardApp PhoneGap Code

The PhoneGap application is designed to make easier use of your PinBoard theme/website for mobile devices. The application is created on the framework of the PhoneGap project at:

The application is designed especially for iPhone users to remove the restrictions on loading images to website.

The application allows users to:

  • View site content

  • Create new pins (uploading images to PinBoard from your iOS device and your iOS stored photos)

  • Create repins

  • Edit your own pins and boards

  • Create or perform "Likes," add new comments, etc.

The application structure is built in such a way to simplify the ability to modify the content output as much as possible. The generation of content appearances are performed on the server side. It allows you to modify the appearance of content display without changing the source code of the application.

Manual for Installation of the PinBoard Application 

The compilation of the application can be done by two methods: using Xcode and using online compiler of PhoneGap project:

The manual for installation of the application for its compilation using Xcode is located here:

After completing all operations using the link above, you need also to do the following:

  1. Replace the contents of folder /www of the project you created with the contents of the application archive sent by ThemeSnap
  2. In file: /www/js/index.js in the first line, replace the URL of the website -- -- with your site URL
  3. In file: /www/config.xml replace URL of the website --  -- with your site URL
  4. Add parameter ExternalHosts into the file: /PinBoard/Cordova.plist by adding these lines into this file:




Or, you can use the Xcode editor by adding these URLs, *, *, *

Please follow the instructions on creating the application in Xcode.

Note: Replace URL of site with your site URL. All links to the files are given relative to the project folder.

The manual for creating the application using online compiler of PhoneGap project is here:

You need to create your account here

You don't need to download Phonegap or Phonegap Tools for project creation because you'll already have the completed source code of mobile application in the file with your download called:

Below are the preparation of project files for use with the online compiler:

  1. Unpack the application archive sent by us
  2. In file: /www/js/index.js in the first line, replace URL of site: with your site URL
  3. In file: /www/config.xml replace URL of site: with your site URL
  4. Follow the descriptions on the online compiler site: and

We will add more to this document as needed. But the above steps should get your PinBoard app completed. Please note that you may need some familiarity with web apps or PhoneGap before completing the PinBoard app compiling or submission to the App Store.


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