Questions & Answers Theme Guide

Questions & Answers Theme Specific Settings:

Now that your new Question & Answers theme is set up, there are some configurations to review in case you want to make changes from the pre-configured defaults.

The Questions & Answers theme uses a combination of votes up or down and total number of questions a user asks in order to get the reputation score. So, the more questions asked or answered or the more votes a user gets will increase his or her reputation number.

Please use the guide below for changes.

1. Adjusting the points system used for user's reputation scores: 

a) Go to: /admin/settings/userpoints
b) Expand each setting to get familiar with settings already configured.
c) You may want to adjust the "Karma points" section and uncheck the last two options for users to change their own votes.
d) You can also adjust the -1 or 1 scoring but leaving this as-is may be optimal.

2. Vote up/down settings:

a) Go to: /admin/settings/voteupdown/node for all current settings for vote up/down for questions or answers. You can leave this with the default settings already configured.

3. Modify or add right column blocks:

a) Visit: /admin/build/block to make necessary changes or additions to your right column blocks.

4. Modify votingapi settings:

a) If you would like to change the votingapi method for couting votes you can do it at: /admin/settings/votingapi. The default settings should be OK.

5. Adjust permissions for users:

a) Go to: /admin/user/permissions. All permissions should be OK by default but if you want to adjust them please feel free to here.

6. Cron jobs:

a) It's a good idea to set up cron jobs for your new job board website. If you're familiar with doing this through your hosting panel (like cPanel), then you can follow these instructions: If you're not so sure of how to do this, then it might be way easier to just install Poormanscron. This is a simple module that will help you run cron jobs and configure cron run intervals. You can find out more here:


We'll be adding to this setup guide as we get more responses from customers with questions or information that may help buyers of this Questions and Answers theme. Everything else -- adding blog pages, modifying top menus or footer blocks, etc. can be done through normal administration within your Drupal website.


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