JobNow Theme Guide

Job Now Theme Specific Settings:

Now that your new job board theme is set up, there are some settings to review in case you want to make changes. Please use the guide below as examples and make change cautiously.

1. Removing Ubercart job payment options and allow users to submit jobs for free: 

a) Go to: /admin/store/settings/node-checkout/job
b) In the "Product NID" field simply remove the "1" then click "Submit."
c) Now go to: /admin/content/node-type/job
d) Check the 'Published' radio button in Workflow settings

2. Change shopping cart attributes (job prices and descriptions):

a) Go to: /admin/store/attributes for all current job posting attributes.
b) /node/1 displays the separated page created for the tab attributes:
-- You can edit the pricing display by clicking here: /node/1/edit then click "attributes" at the top.
-- Edit the prices for job postings here: /node/1/edit/options

3. Modify or add right column blocks:

a) Visit: /admin/build/block to make necessary changes or additions to your right column blocks.

4. Modify top scrollable advertising banners:

a) You can list only the pages you want these banners to show up in while in the /admin/build/block admin area. Go to the "Page Specific Visibility Area" located here:/admin/build/block/configure/scrollable_content/0. You will also need to modify the size of the images placed within the banner location. To do this, please go to: /admin/content/node-type/banner/fields/field_image. Then change the "Maximum resolution for Images" and "Minimum resolution for Images" to both include: 166x59

This will ensure that your images uploaded to the banner positions are always consistent and the same size without being cropped.

b) To manage all your banners, just go to: /admin/content/node/overview and sort by "Banners" from the "Show only items where 'Type' is banner"

5. Add, delete, or manage job categories:

a) Add or modify categories here: /admin/content/taxonomy

6. Configure shopping cart for payments:

a) Configure the shopping cart payment gateway here /admin/store/settings/payment/edit. You'll also need to alter the modules for Ubercart located here: /admin/build/modules - specifically un-checking the "Ubercart - Payment" settings for the "Test Gateway" and including one of the other payment options listed there. Ubercart is very extensive and powerful. You can read more about Ubercart by visiting the Ubercart website here:

7. Job published and expired notification settings:

a) You'll want to modify the notification messages and time duration for the "Node Published and Expired" module we created for this theme by visiting this admin page: /admin/store/settings/node-published-expired

8. Cron jobs:

a) It's a good idea to set up cron jobs for your new job board website. If you're familiar with doing this through your hosting panel (like cPanel), then you can follow these instructions: If you're not so sure of how to do this, then it might be way easier to just install Poormanscron. This is a simple module that will help you run cron jobs and configure cron run intervals. You can find out more here:


We'll be adding to this setup guide as we get more responses from customers with questions or information that may help buyers of this job theme. Everything else -- adding blog pages, modifying top menus or footer blocks, etc. can be done through normal administration within your Drupal website.


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