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NOTICE: We are not currently taking on support requests or issues for themes that have been modified or customized by the customer. If you have modified the PinBoard theme's CSS files, .tpl theme files, theme settings files, or other core theme configurations or settings within PinBoard, then will not be able to provide support for errors or issues. As always, we are happy to examine or fix any issues on a clean installation of PinBoard or any other theme if any issues may arise. But we cannot track and diagnose customer changes outside of the theme's original theme settings. You can read our Terms of Service for more details. Thanks for your understanding! ThemeSnap Team



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Below are a list of changes and enhancements we plan on adding to the PinBoard theme. We'll add to this roadmap and update it with improvements and fixes for the Drupal PinBoard Pinterest clone theme.


PinBoard v1.0 - Beta Release: 4-19-2012

  1. Basic functionality realized and released in this version.

PinBoard v1.0.1 - Beta Release: 4-19-2012

  1. Several critical internal fixes made on same day as initial release.

PinBoard v1.0.2 - Beta Release: 4-28-2012

  1. Added names field dropdown list to pre-populated user board
  2. Added Pin text and comments length restriction
  3. Added text filter to comments
  4. Simplify form creation of pins
  5. Added user board deletion function
  6. Added the creation user board category by default functionality
  7. Replaced categories names to board names on the pin pages
  8. Changed pin-board-category relations scheme
  9. Added functionality “Me+Contributors” (allow other users to pin to it) for user boards options
  10. Added function of user email notification about Repins
  11. Added category “Video” on main menu
  12. Added Link to user pins page
  13. Added category “Invite a Friends"
  14. "Originally pinned by …" block text on user/Pin node renamed to "Pinned by …"
  15. Blocked creation of empty pins (user warning for missing media content upon submission)
  16. Created a short description of each pin board (only showing on full board view page)
  17. Added descriptions to fields to help users to understand more clear fields functionality
  18. Added description text on board page
  19. Added link to board on pin page
  20. Made CSS/XHTML changes to fix some issues and improve UI

PinBoard v1.0.3 - Beta Release: 4-30-2012

  1. Button “Delete image” is removed from Repin node (The same as on
  2. Fixed error with comments for anonymous user
  3. Gravatar module release replaced by latest dev. module version to fix issue with warning message on user registration page
  4. Issue with Locale module is fixed

PinBoard v1.0.4 - Beta Release: 5-4-2012

  1. The working/display of pages "Followers" and "Following" for an unregistered user is corrected
  2. The bug related to the display of error on pages "Followers" and "Following" is fixed
  3. The bug related to the display of error when trying to create a page with content type different from pin is fixed
  4. The incorrect working of link Advanced Settings on the add pin page is fixed
  5. Incorrect phrase "You must add an image or a link to the embed video" is changed to "You must add an image or a link to the embedded video page"
  6. Drupal 7.14 core update

PinBoard v1.0.5 - Beta Release: 5-14-2012

  1. Login through Facebook and Twitter
  2. The "field_url" of Pin Content Type will have a much higher text limit than the 256 bytes to accomodate longer URL input
  3. When a pin is a repinned it will include [USERNAME] via [ORIGIN USERNAME] onto [BOARD]
  4. Pins showing on a board page (not in front page) will show the web site of origin (just the top level domain name with no internal path) instead of (or with) the [USERNAME] onto [BOARD]
  5. When someone is in the front page, he/she will be able to distinguish better with what pins are loaded: Following / Category (everything) / Popular
  6. Several Pinboard Helper module localization issues will be fixed
  7. Several layout improvements will be fixed (centering of Pin images or videos on Pin nodes and general CSS improvements). The background under an image when displaying a pin is added.
  8. Improved videos capturing from web sites (not only from Youtube directly)
  9. The issue with Gravatar on some servers when viewing a Pin is removed
  10. Add Blocks on user pin page: Originally pinned by, Pinned onto the board
  11. Fixed issue with Basic page creating and editing

PinBoard v1.0.6 - Beta Release: 5-16-2012

  1. A better, more efficient user system of management of e-mail notices about events on a site is added
  2. The error appearing on some hostings with PHP 5.3.x is eliminated
  3. The appearance of the user pages is corrected
  4. Double posting of thumbnail images on Pin page fixed
  5. Add a "flag" button or link for users (or site owners) to flag pins for review and/or deletion for copyright misuse

PinBoard v1.0.7 - Beta Release: 5-22-2012

  1. The functionality of notifying admin by users about mismatching of a pin to some of the criteria is added. The settings can be set on settings page "Account settings" i.e: /admin/config/people/accounts in section E-mails
  2. The setting for configuring e-mail notifications to notify users is added, it can be set on setting pages "Account settings" i.e: /admin/config/people/accounts in section E-mails
  3. Some font colors changed

PinBoard v1.1 Release: 5-25-2012

  1. The appearance of the drop down menu is changed
  2. Region "Sidebar Welcome" for the block with an invitation text is added (Must set up as a block with your own text/graphic in blocks admin area)
  3. The issue related autocomplete when there is a slash in the string is eliminated
  4. Section "Gifts" is added
  5. The incorrect sorting of pins on a user board is fixed
  6. The incorrect counting of number of repins on the view page of a pin is fixed
  7. The issue related to assigning a default category to a pin when adding a pin is fixed
  8. The appearance of the boards display on a user page is changed
  9. The correct display of empty boards on a user page is implemented
  10. Message "No Pins" when there is no pins on pages of pins lists output is added
  11. The links to the feeds of sections Popular and Video are fixed

PinBoard v1.1.1 Release: 6-11-2012

  1. RTL languages support
  2. Easier, pinning process wizard panel
  3. The ability to add an empty board
  4. Advanced theme settings management added with 10 new font colors, 15 new font types, and 25 different backgrounds
  5. Region for placing an advertisement block on user pin node
  6. The functionality of the Pin It button is fixed for some users/versions of the theme
  7. The counter of RePins on teasers is added
  8. The appearance of price Pins is changed, adding a new price image banner
  9. The appearance of video Pins is changed, adding a playback button to video Pins

PinBoard v1.1.2 Release: 6-20-2012

  1. The management of fields for the "Advanced Settings" when pinning has been added
  2. The management of "Advanced Settings" visibility for users is added
  3. The incorrectly working link "Like" on dynamically loading pins is fixed
  4. The dynamic "refresh" of "likes" number on a pin is added
  5. The display of user menu in RTL version is fixed
  6. The styles with several incorrect links to images are fixed
  7. The appearance of page title is changed
  8. When viewing in mobile devices the nested items of the top menu are displayed as collapsed with the ability to expand them by clicking on triangle right to a menu item
  9. The inability to add a translation text to "Pin It" Button page through Localization is fixed
  10. The incorrect display of short words in the text of buttons, on Add+ page is fixed

PinBoard v1.1.3 Release: 7-30-2012

  1. "Pin It" button renaming option
  2. Pin teasers with images in search result list
  3. AdSense advertising block on pin page
  4. Anonymous user redirection to login form from comments submission
  5. Localization improvements
  6. User blogs issue fixed

PinBoard v2.0.1 Release:  8-24-2012

  1. Phonegap iOS mobile app (source code)
  2. Scrolling Category menu
  3. Animated .gifs support and playback
  4. New theme template (PinBoard 2)
  5. Featured pins on front page
  6. Pinboard v 1.1.3 upgrade to Pinboard v.2.0.0
  7. Youfollow pins descending date sorting

PinBoard v2.0.2 Release: 9-4-2012

  1. The issue related to not working drop down menu when twitter account is not set in the theme settings is fixed
  2. The issue related to incorrectly working category links when viewing a pin in overlay is fixed
  3. The blocks "Originally pinned by" and "Pinned onto the board" display on pin view page is changed
  4. Some background images are changed, also new ones are added, now there are 37 background images
  5. The blocks links position on blogs view page is changed

PinBoard v2.0.3 Release:  9-19-2012

  1. The bug related to the "Pin It" sometimes not working depending on certain shared (or other) hosting accounts is fixed
  2. The display mode of .gif format without any processing is added

PinBoard v2.0.4 Release:  9-28-2012

  1. Pinboards names alphabetic sorting is added
  2. RTL improvements in mobile theme version
  3. The issue with horisontal scrollbar on some sizes of browser window is fixed
  4. Issue with error message "Error from page.tpl.php - Warning: Creating default object from empty value in include() (line 11 of /sites/all/themes/pinboard2/page.tpl.php)" appeared on some web servers is fixed
  5. Some text messages are corrected

Pinboard v2.0.5 Release: 10-8-2012

  1. The function of unfollowers counter is added
  2. The support of "Pin It" bookmarklet when SSL is enabled on a site is added
  3. The ability to change text messages of theme in the theme settings is added
  4. The link to page "Pin It button" for unregistered user leads to log in page
  5. The incorrect display of links "Repin, Like, Comment" when RTL is activated is fixed
  6. Zoom cursor when hovering over a pin teaser is added
  7. The display of pins teaser when viewing in landscape mode on iPhone is fixed
  8. The bug related to inability to delete a pin that has no image or a link to a video
  9. Link to contact form on one's own account page is disabled
  10. "+" mouse cursor when mouseover an image on the homepage

Pinboard v2.0.6 Release: 10-15-2012

  1. The selector for message output on pin whether or not to allow that pin to be 're-pinned' to prevent Pinterest users from re-pinning
  2. +Add button for anonymous users redirection to registration form
  3. Category selector size on create pin page will be optimized
  4. "+" mouse cursor when mouseover an image on the homepage
  5. The size of clickable zone on pin image changed to accommodate smaller sized pins addedThe navigation issue (hitting the back button) with comments page when using Chrome and IE navigation button
  6. Form fields border slightly darker to be easier for users to see
  7. Changed character count length in theme settings
  8. Collapsible fiealdset "Headlines" on user pin page settings

Pinboard v2.0.7 Release: 10-22-2012

  1. Category selection in search is added
  2. Size of category selection block on add pin page is increased
  3. The bug related to wrong calculation of followers is fixed
  4. The bug related to the main menu being to large and the layout breaking with longer category names is fixed
  5. The bug related to the space between statistics items on user page in RTL mode is fixed
  6. The bug related to the display of "Following" and "Followers" pages in RTL mode is fixed
  7. The bug related the missing scrollbar in small window size is fixed
  8. The bug related to single quotes in a board name is fixed

Pinboard v2.0.8 Release: 11-09-2012

  1. Video capture on category pages is added
  2. The problem related to video capture on in IE 8/9 is eliminated
  3. Repeating blocks for placing ads on pin lists pages are added
  4. The block for placing information or ads at the beginning of pin lists pages is added
  5. Automatically adding of boards for newly registered users is added
  6. The possibility for administrator to edit and delete user boards is added
  7. The problem related to incorrectly working user pins counter is eliminated
  8. The headlines on the theme settings page are corrected
  9. The problem related to user page scaling on big screen size is eliminated
  10. The problem related to RTL mode on android devices is eliminated

Pinboard v2.0.9 Release: 11-28-2012

  1. The control of boards visibility for users is added (Secret boards)
  2. The bug that led to nonoperability of the site on some hostings is fixed
  3. The rule for placing "CAPTCHA" on "Report Pin" form is added, it works with "CAPTCHA" module

Pinboard v2.1.0 Release: 12-17-2012

  1. "Add a Pin" feature similar to the one on Pinterest, where the user can paste a URL into the box, click the Find Images button, and then is able to scroll through and choose from one of the available images. 
  2. Updated Pinboard Mob App (based on phonegap libraries) source code tested for iOS. Compiled Mob App demo for

Pinboard v2.1.1 Release: 1-18-2013

  1. Automatic change of photo orientation when adding a photo with the help of the mobile app is added
  2. The support of "Pathauto" module for user boards and additional pages on a user account is added
  3. An additional region for recurring blocks is added. The blocks from this region are displayed only on the front page between pins. Ad blocks with javascript, e.g. Google AdSense, can be used for this block
  4. The previously existing region for recurring blocks is displayed only on the rest pages and is not displayed on the front page. Blocks with javascript can't be used for this region, javascript will not work in these blocks
  5. The work of the script of the continuous load that worked incorrectly on some hosting companies is corrected
  6. Drupal core is updated to the latest version
  7. Fixed Featured Pins (Sticked Pins) sorting in Video Category

Pinboard v2.1.2 Release: 2-06-2013

  1. The incorrect positioning of the buttons on add/edit form of a board for RTL is fixed
  2. The incorrect display of statistics for a pin teaser is fixed
  3. The wrong font size of some statistics items on a pin page in the mobile app is fixed
  4. The problem related to the impossibility to get images from some sites is solved
  5. The problem related to the impossibility to get a list of images to add on "Add a Pin" page is solved for some sites

Pinboard v2.1.3 Release: 2-21-2013 

  1. The support of adding a video from and on "Add a Pin" page is added
  2. Number of pins display in a board on a user page and a board page is added
  3. Number of followers display for a board on a board page is added
  4. The display of long titles of boards on a user page is corrected
  5. The error messages displays on "add pin" page when using function "Pin It" Button are eliminated
  6. The conflict with module simplehtmldom API ( is eliminated

Pinboard v2.1.4 Release: 3-08-2013

  1. The support of boards in module feed_import is added
  2. The call of external functions in some operations is added to allow these operations to be modified by other modules
  3. The bug related to the display of the error about the empty variable on some hostings is fixed

PinBoard v2.1.5 Release: 3-18-2013

  1. The bug of the display of a board title in RTL mode is fixed
  2. The bug of the display of "Followers" and "Pins" counters on a board display page is fixed

PinBoard v2.1.6 Release: 4-18-2013

  1. Block "Pins from the same board" was added for pin view page
  2. Block "Pins from the same source" was added for pin view page
  3. The page for viewing all pins from one source was added. You can navigate to this page via block "Pins from the same source". Also you can use this page for pins search from a particular source
  4. The bug related to dropdown menu on mobile devices. This bug led to inability to follow links that are placed in second and third column
  5. The check for required image or video when adding a pin is changed. Now, if one of these fields is made required in the settings, then the check for the existence of an image or a video is not performed

PinBoard v2.1.7 Release: 5-06-2013

  1. The appearance of block of empty board is fixed
  2. The bug that allowed logged in user to remove a board of another user is fixed

PinBoard v2.1.8 Release: 5-30-2013

  1. The bug that allowed users other than admin to add or edit their own boards is fixed

PinBoard v2.1.9 Release: 7-02-2013

  1. The display of boards list when adding a pin is made in alphabetical order
  2. The bug that is related to the incorrect work of "Pathauto" module for the boards that are created automatically when a user is registered is fixed
  3. The problem with Twitter that is related to Twitter API v1.1 is fixed
  4. The problem that is related to long titles of blocks on page of a pin view is eliminated
  5. The choice of currency for a price on a pin page is added

PinBoard v2.2 Release: 8-05-13

  1. The problem that is related to "Pathauto" module when creating the board during the creation of a pin is fixed.

Please note that version numeration will change after v2.2. We will be following this versioning format for future releases. Example: v7-2.11 - This will follow: Drupal platform version (7), theme branch/version (2), number of modification (11)

PinBoard v7-2.2.1(2.11) Release: 10-14-2013

  1. The support of retina displays is added.
  2. Login functionality by clicking on “PinIt” button in case if a user is not logged in is added.
  3. Module “Loginza” is replaced with module “HybridAuth”.
  4. The bug that is related to displaying pins that are un-selected as “published” on user boards is fixed.
  5. The bug that is related to wrong sorting of pins on user boards is fixed.
  6. That bug that led to inability to get video from some youtube pages is fixed.
  7. The source code of the phonegap mobile app of version 2.9.0 is updated.

PinBoard v7-2.2.2(2.12) Release: 12-11-2013 

  1. The bug that is related to disappearing board on pin when performing bulk operations with nodes on content administration page.
  2. Drupal 7.24 core

PinBoard v7-2.2.3(2.13) Release: 02-14-2014 

  1. The bug that is related to the top menu display in the mobile app in iOS7 is fixed
  2. The bug that sometimes was appearing on "Add a Pin" page when adding a pin is eliminated
  3. The ability of disabling the overlay when viewing a pin is added (http://pinboard.7/admin/appearance/settings/pinboard2)
  4. The ability of disabling repins display on the front page is added (i.e not to place repins on the front page) (http://pinboard.7/admin/appearance/settings/pinboard2)
  5. The default settings for notifying users are added (http://pinboard.7/admin/config/people/accounts)
  6. The ability of disabling "Unfollowers" counter on pin and user pages is added (http://pinboard.7/admin/appearance/settings/pinboard2)
  7. The ability to disable the opening of all links from pin page in a new page is added
  8. The problem that is related to "Rate" 7.x-1.7 module is fixed
  9. The bug that led to the inoperability of the boards selection menu on add/edit pin page when facing the bug that is related to required fields is fixed
  10. The problem that is related to "Video Embed Field" 7.x-2.0-beta7 module is fixed

PinBoard v7-2.2.4(2.14) Release: 02-19-2014 

  1. The settings of "HybridAuth" module are changed, this will simplify the configuring of the module by end user
  2. The error that appeared on some hostings when performing "Follow All" and "Unfollow All" operations is eliminated
  3. The bug that is related to the html display of "Pins from the same board" and "Pins from the same source" blocks is eliminated

PinBoard v7-2.2.5(2.15) Release: 03-07-2014

  1. The problem that is related to the missing navigation bar on loaded pin teasers is removed

PinBoard v7-2.2.6(2.16) Release: 06-09-2014

  1. The ability to configure the beginning of new pins load (bufferPx parameter) is added
  2. The ability to automatically add "repin" to the link for repins is added
  3. The animation is added when displaying loading pages through infinitescroll
  4. Compatibility with PHP 5.3 and higher is improved
  5. Several minor bugs are fixed

PinBoard v7-2.2.7(2.17) Release: 07-21-2014

  1. The ability to configure the beginning of new pins load (bufferPx parameter) is added
  2. The support of the mobile app on the basis of PhoneGap 3.5.0 is added

PinBoard v7-2.2.8(2.18) Release: 11.13.14 

  1. The ability to add images by direct link on "Add a Pin" page is added
  2. The work of the function of getting images from third-party sites on "Add a Pin" page is improved
  3. The compatibility with the module that allows to register through social services (HybridAuth) is improved

PinBoard v2.2.9 Release: 06.12.15 

  1. The ability to add video from Dailymotion, Facebook, Rutube, Youku services is added

PinBoard v2.2.10 Release: 06.30.15 **AVAILABLE NOW

  1. The bookmarklet functionality that allows to get information from site is added
  2. The bookmarklet bug that caused inability to get information from site is fixed
  3. The bookmarklet functionality that allows to get more information from site is added
  4. The bug related to the display of the bookmarklet on is fixed
If you have suggestions or improvements, please add them to our PinBoard forum and let us know why you'd like to see it added. Reasonable improvements meant to enhance user experience and overall functionality for the PinBoard Pinterest clone will be entertained and/or added. :)

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