Unite theme - Help Guide and Tutorials

Common Questions for the Unite theme. Feel free to add to this with a comment or two if you have some tips to help others with the Unite theme:


1) SlideShow - Managing the Unite Slidshow:

To use the slideshow, follow these instructions:

1) Visit the Appearance > Settings (the settings link beside the Unite theme thumbnail)
2) Choose the Gallery or Cycle view from the dropdown at the bottom of the page

To add a Portfolio item to the slideshow simply do the following:

1) Click "Add content" then click "Portfolio"
2) Add your image
3) Click the "Slide Shows" radio check box near the top
4) Add the new post/portfolio item and content

If you do not want a Portfolio item to show in the slide shows on the front page, don't click the "Slide Shows" check box when adding the post.

2) Fix for slideshow "Gallery" bleeding into the Drupal admin overlay (fixed in v1.4.8+):

To resolve the issue using CSS you can customize the appropriate skin's stylesheet with the following code:

#SlideShow-GalleryView #GalleryView { z-index: 0; }


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