Move to Zendesk for Support Tickets

We have decided to make the switch to a more robust ticketing system with Zendesk. We will be adding FAQs, new forums sections, and all tickets can now be managed through the support ticket area here on Zendesk. We hope customers will like the switch, as Zendesk is considered to be the most powerful support ticket system online.




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    zendesk? that's a payment service. Isn't there another way to get helped? I just bought the theme and im trapped with several doubts.

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    Brian G


    Zendesk isn't a payment service. It's help desk software. I don't know what "trapped with several doubts" means.

    Please see the Zendesk site for an example of what we're using if you're unsure:


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    Sorry i'm not familiarized with this service, but in that site I see "pricing" and "free trial" I guess is for agents only, my answers will appear here, right? If so: I'm sorry.  If you have a minute now, I have some problems with the locale module (core) and uploading new products, as well as other problems that i posted in the forum or sent by mail, could you help me? thanks 

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    i've been emailing you guys and not response yet with my purchase!

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