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Ultim8 - The file could not be uploaded.

posted this on April 6, 2012, 07:44


Images don't show up on the site and i can't add new ones.

i get: Error: The file could not be uploaded.

When i check the path to the thumbnails those directories don't even exist and the file names don't even exist in the installation package.



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Jason S


(moved this to the appropriate forum for the theme as you set it up under the common Q&A forum section)

Your server configurations likely blocked the setup of these directories. In other words, the server permissions stopped these images from installing or from you being able to add new ones.

Please check with your hosting company to see if they have permissions restrictions that is stopping the creation of directories or creating new images. If they do not have any restrictions, then please submit a ticket here - - with information for your site so that we can check it out.

Include (in the private ticket) your:

1) URL

2) Admin user/pass

3) We may also need FTP access to check server-side folders and their permissions




April 6, 2012, 10:15
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Hi Jason, i fixed the problem by changing some folder permissions and creating some missing folders.

Everything works now.


The theme is very nice but it's a shame the slider pics are linked to the articles and i can't just change those to have the same slides showing all the time.

The main navigation menu is also very plain and practically a basic html tag, nothing more. It's crazy how the quality in themes varies here.

I just picked the wrong theme i guess... shame.


Also: The site has many bugs on Chrome that don't show up on explorer. 

April 6, 2012, 11:06
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Jason S

Hi Ron,

Sorry you feel that way. The menu was designed to be compatible with the majority of mobile devices -- simple and effective. If we employed another type of menu that's more complex you run into less compatibility -- so it's a double edged sword. I believe the menu worked correctly, i.e. no bugs or anything. But we would be glad to fix any bugs if they exist.

Also, if you have a full-proof solution for a better menu that works with the majority of mobile devices (at least as many as the current menu) we are all ears and will look to include it with the recommendation.

For the slider - this is all controlled by Views

For bugs, I use Chrome almost exclusively now. If there are bugs I'm not seeing them in my version of Chrome. If you see any, please post the exact errors as a ticket ( and we'll see if we can knock them out.


April 6, 2012, 11:29
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Hi Jason,


I thought the site was modular and detects mobile devices and loads a specific CSS for them.

I didn't think it would look the same all across platforms...


I have opened a ticket about a different problem, please check it out.





April 7, 2012, 07:38